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Works List


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Chantecler (2020)

The Jurgens File (2012-2013)

The Magnificent Ambersons (2013-2014)

Mark the Halls (2021)

The Tinsel in the Toilet (2019-2020)


And Away (2011)

Arise! (Fantasia Davidica, 2011)

The Night We Danced (2016)

Toccata (2018)


4 Bach Sarabandes for Strings (arrangement, 2012)

Convergence (2012) for Chamber Orchestra

(Irish) Hymn for Orchestra (2012)

If We But Move to Light (2018/2022)

Lament and Expectation for Strings (2015)

Pavane for Chamber Orchestra (2018)

Rejoice!--A Holiday Overture (2023--forthcoming)

Romance for French Horn and Chamber Orchestra (2014)

Suite for Chamber Orchestra

Symphony No. 1 for Strings (2004)

Symphony No. 2 (2011-2012)

Toccata for Orchestra (2022)

Chamber Music

Carol of the Bassoon Bells (2023)

Duo for Clarinet and Alto Sax (2012)

Fantasia on "In Dulci Jubilo"for Bassoon & Piano (2020)

Fantasie mignonne for Bb Clarinet solo (1988)

Festival Fanfare for Organ and Brass Quintet (2018)

Folk Song for Bb Clarinet and Piano (1998)

Gettin' Down for Basson Quartet (2018)

Gettin' Down for Flute Quartet (2021)
Gettin' Down for Saxophone Quartet (2021)

Holiday for Bassoons (2023)

Hymn for Flute and Piano (1999)

‘Marian’ Sonata for Violin and Piano (2004)

Pasticcio Octet for Mixed Winds (1986)

Pavane  (Live performance) for Flute/Cello and Piano (2018)

Romance for French Horn/Alto Sax and Piano

Scenes for Bassoon solo

Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1989)

Song Without Words for Flute and Piano (1986)

Terzetto for Bb Clarinet, Oboe, and Bassoon (1987/2010)

Variations on a theme for Brass Quintet (2004)

Variations on a theme for Woodwind Quintet (2011)



3 Bach Sarabandes

Can You Dig It

Warm Summer Day

Piano Solo

Amberson Waltzes (2018)

As We Go (1993)

Celtic Dream (2019)

Close Intervals (2020)

Dreaming (2014)

Evening (For E.)


How Can I... (2020)


Look (2001/2004/2014)

Looking Outward (2020)

Old Friend (2014)

Prelude and Fugue (1987)

Reflecting (2020)

Song Without Words (includes flute obbligato part)

The Night We Danced

There is One

Thinking of You (2018)

Waltz (for Graycee) (2013)

Warm Summer Day

Where Next? (2020)



As I Lift My Eyes (2013)

Christmas is Coming (2012)

Come to Bethlehem (2016)

The Father’s Love (2011)

Festival Psalm (2000, with mixed ensemble)

Hear My Voice (2014)

Light (2010)

Lullabye (1983)

May the People Praise You (2018)

Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Open Our Eyes (LYO Convention Theme song) (2008)

Out of the Depths (2014)

Restore Us, O God (2013)

There's a Light (2020)

You Call Us (2013)

You Shall Love the Lord (1988/1990)


Organ Music

Arise! (2016)

Fantasia Davidica (1994/2000)

Dorian Meditation (2011)
Prelude on a Swedish Tune (1990)

Prelude No. 2 (1991)


Variations on “Hiding Place”


Praise Songs

As We Go (1993)

Bring Me Home (2003/4)

A Holden Message (1995)

One Way, One Truth…New Life (1994)

Open Our Eyes (LYO 2008 Convention Theme Song)

Psalm 15-You Call Us, Lord

Psalm 16-My Soul Rejoices in You

Psalm 17-Apple of Your Eye

Psalm 23-As Deep as the Heart (1998)

Psalm 27-Hear My Voice (1998)

Psalm 29-Glory and Praise to You

Psalm 31-You Are My Rock

Psalm 46-God Is Our Strength

Psalm 66-Joyful Sounds

Psalm 73-What About Me? (1992)

Psalm 80-Restore Us, O God (2004)

Psalm 95-Come, Let Us Sing

Psalm 100-Make a Joyful Noise (2004)

Psalm 121-As I Lift My Eyes

Psalm 122-I Was Glad

Psalm 122-In the House of the Lord

Psalm 130-Out of the Depths

Psalm 146-Praise the Lord

There is One (1992)

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