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A Little Spring Break

May is always a bit of a busy month with one semester coming to an end and then this year a 2-week intensive run through music history. It boggles the mind how quickly a 2-week session runs through music history. All the Middle Ages and Renaissance in 3 hours, a quick Baroque characteristics and Classical era overview with reviewing form in the next 3 hours! So, needless to say I was a bit tired this past week.

We also had a chance to take a brief vacation so reviews and other writing took a little break here. But we should be back on track again next week!

There are some interesting new music releases from Australian composers, a few new film scores to overview, and more!

I appreciate your patience here and also thank all of the subscribers to the new CINEMUSICAL blog. I am hoping that the move to my primary site here has been a positive one. If you haven't done so, take a moment to click the Audio Samples link and check out some of my projects there. There are a couple new ones on the horizon once the summer arrives.


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