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Best of 2022 From Film Music Review

Golden Globe awards are done with Justin Hurwitz receiving an award for his score to Babylon. Tuesday, the Oscar nominations were announced with a few surprises. The "Best Score" category is always interesting and there are a couple fine scores in that list, some made it to my "best of" lists I compiled throughout the year. Time permitting I will likely do a little overview of film music from 2022 here as well, but, my fellow film music colleague, Roger Hall had asked me earlier for an article of my thoughts from the past year and he has posted that along with his own "best of 2022" at his excellent website: Film Music Review. This is the 25th year for the site which has a variety of resources both for film music as well as American music. Many of the resources there are adaptable for classroom music appreciation use so do check that out.

I think have been an invited contributor to Roger's site for almost two decades (!). So, it is always with great humility that I send a review or two, or these retrospectives, his way. I also want to just congratulate him and his wife on their 54th Anniversary today.


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