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Coming Soon: Musicals Info Page!

Today just a quick note on something I've been working on here for the site to highlight the five full-length musicals in my catalogue.

The goal will be to create a single page that will put in one place information about each of the shows with a synopsis, performance needs, audio clips (where we have them!), and an opportunity to view the piano-vocal score of a show. The latter will be locked and can be seen upon request by simply sending an email to me through the site. This allows for a better single space to see the wide range of work in this particular genre and makes it easier for theater companies considering mounting one of these shows. There are some excerpts of audio already on the Audio page here on the site if you are interested of course.

In the meantime, if you've just happened upon the blog, here is just a little bit of information about each of the shows.

The Jurgens File: Based on the true story of Dennis Jurgens, an adopted child that was murdered by his adopted mother. The story is set in Minnesota. The performers sit on stage in a semi-circle community as individual characters come forward to share aspects of the story which flashes back and forth across the lives of its two primary women characters. This is a more artistic piece but with additional accessible standout songs like "You Are Loved" and "If Only".

The Magnificent Ambersons: Adapted from the novel by Booth Tarkington, the story follows themes of unrequited love and a sort of riches-to-rags story set in Indiana at the beginning of the 20th Century. The music also follows this quality with its Americana style hinting at waltz and popular styles of the time. There is a ballroom sequence that includes many of these waltzes which can be heard in the piano suite "Amberson Waltzes" from the Off 2 Broadway album (sheet music for that is also available). This show has some of my most gorgeous melodies including "Marking Time"; my personal favorite, "Little Children"; and the Sondheim-esque "Somewhere in the City".

Tinsel in the Toilet: My collaborator, Brian Vinero, explores his own childhood in this semi-autobiographical story of children in a Jewish home with a mother that starts to sleep around and meets a man that will impact all their lives. The title comes from the mother trying to hide their celebration of Christmas to please this man so that the children's Jewish grandmother doesn't find out. So they are told to throw the tinsel in the toilet. The show is a blend of original music but also brilliant interweaving of both Jewish folk and Channukah music with Christmas carols! One of the standout numbers is "There's A Light" which is available as a choral piece for performance.

Chantecler: From the Rostand play, this barnyard allegory is all about a rooster who believes he alone calls up the sun. The fantastical show pokes fun of culture against a love story as well. I think this is perhaps my best work, to date, and includes some delightful French cafe music (which you can hear on the Audio page here), a Gilbert and Sullivan-esque trio for 3 hens; a wild jazz dance sequence; and a host of great solo songs for our main characters.

Mark the Halls: Perhaps the most commercial work we have created, this delightful musical is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek story that pokes fun of Hallmark Christmas movies. Christmas song references are sprinkled throughout the score which features a variety of delightful songs. Seriously, a hit waiting to be discovered!


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