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Revisiting Starobin


Virtuosi David Starobin, guitar. Bridge 9600 Total Time:  58:01

Recording:   ****/****

Performance: ****/****


Guitarist David Starobin officially “retired” from concert performing a couple of years ago.  This current release is a compilation of mostly previously-issued performances from the Bridge label that provide a snapshot of his work in mostly Romantic-era pieces mostly recorded in the 1990s.

The Giuliani (Grand Overture, Op. 61) opens the program.  An “exercise” by Antoine L’Hoyer (arranged by Giuliani) are the earliest recordings here from 1990 (BRIDGE 9029).  A fun little caprice by Napoleon Coste (on “La Cachucha) and a set of variations by Fernando Sor are also featured from a 1992 release (GHA 126.022).  In 2021, Starobin released a collection of sonatas by Wenzeslaus Thomas Matiegka (1773-1830), a Bohemian-born contemporary of Beethoven and Schubert.  Starobin also recorded three selections from his Op. 20 set of 24 Progressive Pieces evidently at the time that did not get added to that release and so make their premiere release here.  Also appearing on disc for the first time is Five Anecdotes by Andres Segovia (1893-1987) one of the great 20th-Century guitarists and someone who Starobin is a natural “descendent” for modern guitar music.  Recorded in 1995, these colorful little character pieces provide an aural connection to these two great performers who struck out on equally new paths of discovery for their instrument.

Overall, a nice collection of unusual repertoire with their own historic interlocking connections that equally provides a great snapshot of Starobin from the height of his performing and recording career.  The recordings have been all mastered well with a forward sound that provides an intimate listening experience to this interesting program.


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