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Happy 4th of July: A Proposed 2023 Concert

An annual tradition of mine is to put together a little concert program of American music. You can find last year's program on the site as well. Took a different approach with a focus on more contemporary works this year.

Here is my 2023 July Fourth Concert

First Half:

Copland: An Outdoor Overture (9 Minutes)

This has always been a favorite piece with its wonderful big landscape feel.

Gould: Columbia (10 minutes)

Much of Gould's music is left to be rediscovered and this is a gorgeous tone poem with some Ivesian touches.

Abels: Delights and Dances (13 minutes)

Michael Abels has garnered attention for his excellent film work of late, this is an exciting and energetic concert work.

Ives: Variations on America (arr. Schuman; 8 ,minutes)

Wrapping up with this fun work with this witty arrangement.


Hailstork: Fanfare on Amazing Grace (3 1/2 minutes)

An interesting brief little work connecting to the closer of the first half a bit.

Barber: Souvenirs, Op. 28 (20 minutes)

This is a rather fun little suite of pieces that shows some of the composer's wit and melodic invention.

Leroy Anderson: Forgotten Dreams & Bugler's Holiday (6 minutes)

The first serves as a little palette cleanser and is among the composer's most moving and beautiful works. The other is a fun piece to showcase one section of the orchestra.

Gershwin: Strike Up the Band (3 minutes)

Getting in a bit of excitement as we start to head to the end.

Williams: Raider's March (4 minutes)

Hard not program this as the fifth (!) film released this past weekend.

Sousa: Hands Across the Sea & The Stars and Stripes Forever (7 minutes)

Wrapping up with two classic American marches.

You can actually pull these all together on your streaming service of choice for a unique blend of great American music. May you have a safe celebration.


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